Printsure can produce high end packaging comps and packaging mockups for a wide variety of uses.  Whether you need one comp or hundreds Printsure is your packaging source, and we deliver your completed mockups on the best available materials. 

Printsure offers multiple solutions for short run food packaging prototypes and beverage packaging prototypes.  Whether you need a food pouch comp, beverage carton mockup or a food packaging display Printsure can print, cut and assemble your project quickly and economically.

Kids respond to packaging more than you think, that’s more reason to make sure your toy packaging prototypes look their best. Printsure offers a wide variety of short run toy packaging and toy prototypes solutions for test marketing and trade shows.

We also manufacture pet food packaging prototypes and pet toy packaging prototypes. From heavy duty dog food bags to biscuit cartons and toy packaging Printsure has your short run pet packaging covered.

Need a comp for a frozen food bag or candy wrapper? Try Printsure’s flexible packaging prototypes.  Our high-end digital printers and substrates will allow your flexible packaging prototype to look its best, separating your product from the rest of the pack.

Custom pouches are a sleek and affordable way to put your product on the shelf.  From granola and cereal pouches to non-edible products and toy pouches we are sure to have the custom pouch solution for you.

Printsure can also produce high-end shrink sleeves. We can print and apply our shrink material to clear/opaque plastic bottles, metal cans or any other type of hard product packaging. With our white inks we can back up areas while leaving others clear, giving you the opacity and transparency you need. 

We can also print and cut POP displays, end caps and offer retail signage solutions for a full retail launch. Multiple SKU’s and flavors are not a problem!  You can run multiple flavors all at once to get the most economy out of your production run.  We can also convert the packaging or send the roll to your co-packer.

Packaging Mock Ups

Your packaging mock ups will be top-quality with fast turnarounds only digital printing can offer. Our specialties are the short runs and one-offs you need to present realistic sales and marketing samples. You get quick-turn changes with variations welcomed. Order today and discover the reason top name brands use our services.

We say, “What do you need?” and we deliver the best available materials:

  • Paper

  • Plastic

  • Paper board

  • Corrugated board

  • Small box packaging prototypes

  • Flexible packaging of all types

  • Hero packaging

  • Print on foil

  • Mock box

Your packaging prototypes arrive crisply printed, digitally die cut, scored and sealed where required. You receive accurate sizing of your full-color samples; ready for presentation to clients, consumer testing and company decision-makers. Make certain your new design meets your objectives before you enter into full production. Your packaging prototype will not “mimic” a production run. It will BE product-ready, printed in sharp, vivid colors and cut to order.

Customers tell us our packaging prototypes were successful for:

  • Consumer focus groups

  • Executive presentations

  • Marketing and branding finalization

  • Training seminars for sales forces

  • Retailer demos

  • Trade show previews

  • Advertising photography sessions

  • Limited editions

  • Pharmaceutical packaging decisions

  • Food safety considerations

  • Display decisions

  • Repackaging discussions

The advantages to you of our mastery of digital printing technology

Our exclusively digital production allows us to provide you first-quality packaging prototypes in SKUs of thousands, or a lot of one. Short-runs, die cutting and full-color capability have encouraged manufacturers to create limited editions, special promotional packages and product sample sizes.

  • The key is that we have been able to do away with plates and conventional printing presses. Computers and software provide instant options for text, graphics and color. Printing from a digital image and programmed die cutting cuts hours, days and even weeks off of turnaround.

The advantages to you of masterful die cutting Digital die cutting enables you to get the quick turn around, and single runs. We set up the material, program the cut, and let it work with remarkable efficiency. The machinery is designed to cut hard and soft substrates; to do large runs, too; to cut uniform sizes; to minimize material waste; and to greatly reduce production costs to you.

You are not required to place a minimum order. If you need just one, a dozen, or any other sized short run, our digital design techniques make it cost effective for you. If you have multiple SKUs, you will receive exact quantities without waste.

Your order can be shipped via UPS, FedEX, DHL and LTL locally or nationwide. We can also inventory products for you, produce custom shipping cartons, and ship on demand. Your packaging prototypes will be protected with the most effective packing materials.

  • We acquire locally all of the materials that will be used for your order; from papers to plastics to corrugates. This gives us quick local delivery of the supplies your order needs. It’s why we can produce products for you on demand.

Label Prototypes 


Your label prototypes will be crisp, clear digital originals with the professionalism and appeal you need to make that very important decision: is this the labeling that works?

Satisfy everyone involved in planning your label. So many people need to see it. They need to touch it. They have ideas to improve it. We offer your team 35 years of printing excellence and performance on demand.

Designers and marketing departments need immediacy with manageable costs. Our digital technology delivers.
Brand managers often want multiple variations or SKUs. Digital die cutting makes it happen.
Focus groups need label prototypes that look like the real deal. They respond to color variations. Digital can-do.
There will be last minute changes and late additions. There is no problem adding to our digital workflow.
The timeframe is yours. The technology is ours. The result is short turn-around without sacrificing a consistently high quality product.

Your label prototype will be as realistic as the final design you choose; it will not look like a quickie “mock up”. Your digital print labels are produced with the sharpest colors and eye-catching hues. This is photo-quality printing that is far more affordable and deliverable on tight and changing deadlines.

We say “no problem” when other printers will tell you label prototypes are a problem

  • Small runs: no problem

  • Kiss cutting: not a problem

  • Pressure sensitive labels: can do

  • C1S paper labels: no problem

  • Special shapes: nothing special to us

White ink, we use it every day. Not every printer can say that. Our white ink allows for clear, rich looking, pressure sensitive labels in small quantities, and varying shapes, with the opacity that only white ink allows.

The Nutrition Facts Panel This standardized information can be important to focus groups. Studies show consumers are motivated to check these facts. But this information on label prototypes can change as products are finalized. You may even wish to compare differing serving sizes, different caloric ingredients, and alternate sizes. Nothing is constant but change; as well as our ability to efficiently provide the changes you need.

1. Color

You need to ensure your label prototype will grab the attention of someone walking the aisles of the supermarket or looking for product specifications. You want to use color well, and you want it to be true – especially on logos and branding. Digital printing delivers.

2. Graphics

You may need several quick changes along the way. You need to test a variety of images. Our leading-edge computer software makes quick work of this, and quickly gets your revised label prototypes on the way to you.

3. Different Flavors

We deliver design consistency with information variations you require. Different flavors (we use this term to describe any product with differing qualities) are a peak reason our small-batch capability is helpful for you yet keeps your costs in line.

4. Label Size and Shape

We sum up our service in three words: digital die cutting. Label prototypes frequently must be produced in varying sizes; container shapes may also be part of the test so the shapes will be adapted, too. Never has technology been more essential to the demands of label creation.  Your label prototypes can be created promptly, arriving with polish.