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In-store test marketing with digital flexible packaging: Engage the consumer.

What do customers like? What don’t they like? In-store test marketing can get you those answers. By using multiple SKU and flavor combinations you can hone your product spectrum and focus on the most profitable items. Printsure gives CPG brands an affordable and realistic solution for in-store testing multiple SKU’s and demographic points. All the more need for a short-run, flexible packaging solution.

Whether you are introducing a new product or just looking for some sales samples, Printsure can produce it.

Granola bar/energy bar wrappers Cartons & cavity boxes

Flexible pouches with zippers Corrugate POP displays and end caps

Candy wrappers Retail signage and literature

Shrink sleeves and wraps Foil lids and metallic substrates

Pet food packaging Custom food labels


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 Printsure is at the forefront of short-run flexible packaging for live test markets, start-ups and all points in between.  Our proprietary process allows us to produce your flexible packaging project for a fraction of the cost in less than half the time it takes a conventional flexo press. We offer a multitude of short-run options for food packaging, promotional packaging and retail packaging.

Do you have a unique granola bar or energy bar recipe? Get it in the stores with some custom printed packaging. With our digital process you can avoid large set-up costs and long lead times. Our heat sealable wrappers come custom printed with full 4 color graphics, cut and sealed on the back and one end. All you need to do is insert your product and do the final seal. Need a custom solution? Printsure can do a dedicated run for custom sizes and finishes.

Our roll technology keeps printing quality at its highest with automatic reads and adjustments every 100 ft. Color consistency has never been easier. 

  • granola bar / energy bar wrappers

  • flexible pouches with zippers

  • candy wrappers

  • shrink sleeves and wraps

  • pet food packaging

  • cartons and cavity boxes 

  • corrugate POP displays and end-caps

  • retail signage and literature 

  • foil lids and metallic substrates

  • custom food labels

  • Foam Inserts

Have multiple flavors or SKU's? Great! We can combo run those without any plate changes or extra set-ups!