digital to the core

PrintSure has a combined 125 years experience in the print and packaging industry. We've seen a lot and have become pretty good at what we do. But that doesn't mean we have stopped experimenting with new ideas and methods.

Everyday we're faced with a new challenge...and we love it.  

Custom Packaging Prototypes...Need a custom engineered and fully print packaging prototype for your production meeting? We can do one or one thousand. NO MINIMUMS!

No Fixed Costs...No make-readies or make-ready spoilage…no plates…no dies…equals cost savings in both $$ and time.

Consistent Color...Digital printing with intelligent software RIPS and profiling technology allows for accurate and consistent color. Brand protection and promotion, through this consistency, is assured.

Exceptional Durability...Protection from scuffing, chemical resistance, no cracking scores, and fade resistant (3 year minimum). Our prototypes function as a reusable asset, not just a one-time consumable. choice of substrates…from papers to plastics of all kinds. From thin (.002) up to ¾” thick.

Custom Cartons...We utilize our digital die cutting equipment to create custom shipping cartons that protects your product, making the shipment look more professional.

Software Expertise...We’ll help guide you if and when you or your staff requires it.

Specialty Ink...Metallic inks, clear films, foils, clear cling vinyl's and “no label” look products all require white ink. We also add orange and green to increase our color gamut. PrintSure is one of the few digital printers that offers all of this under one roof.

Personalization/Variable Data...Marketing your product down to an audience of “one” can greatly enhance the interest and attention of your customers. At PrintSure, there is no additional cost to integrate personalization into your products…whether packaging, labeling or POP elements specific to your retailer/distributor, we’re there to add value and differentiate your products…without adding cost.


Prototypes...Let your designers and marketing department have the quick response and low costs of our digital prototypes. And you can satisfy brand managers and marketing at the same time. Multiple variations or sku's are easy. Let focus groups help make decisions over product design, and color variations, without running up staggering costs. Last minute changes or additions fit our digital work flow to a "T".

A virtually permanent sales tool, versus a one-time consumable, our prototypes can be cleaned, have a waterproof surface, and don't crack at the scores!

Displays...Up to 5 feet wide by any height. Multiple shelves, and complex constructions. Life size "Standees" with custom sized easels...and the shippers to go along with it all.

POP/POS...all variations, all materials...for indoor and outdoor fading from the sun. Strong and vibrant colors. NO CHARGE FOR SPECIAL SHAPES. Let your imagination run wild without incurring costly and timely die charges. Differentiate your products in the retail environment with special, eye catching, shapes.

Clock stopping time don't always have the desired time or personnel to allow for weeks of planning. Let us help eliminate the common compromise of quality because of compressed production time with our digital processing of printing and finishing.

Signage...our signs are for both indoor and outdoor use. We make constructions that are designed for all kinds of weather. From hot, moist environments to ski runs at 14,000ft above sea level, PrintSure's products perform day in day out. In-store signs, posters, POP elements (danglers, shelf talkers, counter cards, etc.) are produced and personalized as desired. Logos and variable data can be "swapped out" on the fly with our personalization software. Help promote strong alliances with the smallest distributor or retailer, by incorporating their logo onto the signage for your products. UV fade resistance is standard.

Labels...C1S paper labels, pressure sensitive labels (both paper and vinyl), cutting special shapes, and kiss cutting is part of our daily fare. Our white ink allows for clear, upscale pressure sensitive labels in small quantities, and varying shapes, with the opacity that only white ink allows.

Special Products...back lit signs that work with or without a light source. They look spectacular under any and all lighting conditions. Banners, wall coverings (full walls and partial walls), magnets (any size, any shape), bookmarks (waterproof with round corners), Giclees (fine art printed on canvas), and transfer lettering and images, are but a few of the products produced at PrintSure.